Drawers – love them or hate them?

Who knew that your humble drawer could be so important?  Think about how many times a day you open one around the various rooms of your home.  You have them in your kitchen, in your bedroom, perhaps in your bathroom, your home office?  Have you ever stopped to consider how they are made?  Why do some open effortlessly while others require a bit of a wrestle to open and close?  They can be a joy to use with your belongings ordered and ready to grab, or the bane of your morning as you try to retrieve your favourite pair of socks that have somehow become jammed down the back.

At Dixon Balston Design we take our drawers seriously! We supply our clients with a choice of inner drawer box for their furniture: solid dovetailed timber boxes, a classic specification, or the more economical options of wood veneered & mitred in a clear lacquered finish or painted & butted. 

Regardless of the type of drawer box we only use one type of drawer runner as they are the type we feel are most reliable - Blumotion, soft close, concealed runners.  These are robust, heavy duty, hidden away underneath the drawer box and the mechanism opens smoothly & effortlessly and closes softly without a big bump.  To find out more click here   http://www.blum.com/gb/en/01/60/10/ 

Then there are the limitless ways that the inside of the drawer can be configured with compartments, spice bottle holders, knife blocks, felt or even leather linings etc.  As bespoke makers we can literally tailor these to your requirements and it has been known for us to measure our clients serving spoons & rolling pins to make sure these items all have a useful home!

So next time you grab something out of a drawer, ask yourself how is it made and does it work well for you.

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Author: Dixon Balston Design  |  Created: 02:17:12 PM - 25th August 2014 Google+ Twitter Facebook

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