Pantry perfection

Pantry storage

Dreaming about a new kitchen?  I do all the time, and one of the top features on my wish list is a chef’s pantry.  If (or should I say when) I re-do my kitchen I will definitely be aiming to include one of these and my idea of the perfect pantry would be a 800mm wide double door tall unit which opens up to reveal a countertop height stone shelf, with pigeon holes and drawers below for storing wine bottles, bread and vegetables, and adjustable shelving above for packets, cans and jars.  To finish off, the backs of the doors would have racks for spices and oil bottles and there would be a clever slot for a custom serving tray. 

At Dixon Balston Design we can accommodate any configuration that you so desire and include any quirky items that you might like to find a home for.  A common option is to include a workspace for items such as coffee machines, microwaves & mixers that would otherwise clutter up the work surfaces in the kitchen.  One client even requested that we forget about storing her baked beans and devote the whole space to cocktails!  And so a mirror backed cabinet with LED lighting and hanging cocktail glass storage with an integral wine cooler was provided for her.

So the sky is the limit when it comes to bespoke cabinets.  One thing that is certain is that a pantry is an efficient use of space and once you have one you won’t be without one!

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Author: Dixon Balston Design  |  Created: 05:21:59 PM - 20th July 2015 Google+ Twitter Facebook

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