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We are so lucky to work where we do.  Just outside Sheet in Petersfield, near the A3 and transport links to London, but with views like this, over the South Downs National Park.  Fantastic!  

The Dixon Balston Workshop

We recently expanded into our new barn about 3 months ago.  It's a work in progress but gives us a brilliant amount of space to work in.  We have plans to fill it of course, but these things take time.  The next project will be to develop our on-site office, so watch this space to see how that turns out.  

We like to be tranparent in our business, so if we are working on a project we are more than happy for Clients to visit us and see their furniture as it goes through the build process.  We also find that it helps people to really appreciate the furniture they have bought as they see with their own eyes the workmanship that goes into it.  

If you are thinking of commisioning a piece of furniture or joinery item, and would like to see how we work and where, contact us to arange a time to come up and meet us.  You are more than welcome. 

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Author: Jo Balston  |  Created: 04:24:31 PM - 26th April 2013 Google+ Twitter Facebook

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